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About Us | Don't Tell Aunty

There’s no ghee in the curry
There’s whiskey in your chai
The woman runs the business
The man does the cooking

Dearest aunty, we are fascinated by your stories of tradition but we live by our own hearts’ beat. What happens at this table, on this day, will surprise us all, because we move forward taking new steps. Dearest aunty, our table is set differently than yours.

In India, a neighbour walks into a home. Chai and snacks are immediately served. They simply cannot be denied. The guest sits, stories are told, children listen, questions are asked, gossip is spread… The life of that cup of chai continues for days and miles.

We are fascinated by and drawn to the divine significance of food, beverage and the act of serving others. Serving others, is a gesture India holds sacred.

Now, the story started with that cup of chai in hand lands us at the Don’t Tell Aunty. There the tables are set with innovative foods and wine driven by creativity and thought, not rule and tradition. The menu is thoughtfully created from high quality ingredients, cooked earnestly, and offered in a regularly changing, rule breaking menu that spans all regions of our beloved India. Vibrant street foods, cross regional curries, tandoori specialties and lots of naan will always be on offer. We’ve stocked the beverage fridges well too with a large selection of small production, local and imported beer and an interesting and approachable wine list, including plenty of natural wines.

So, if you haven’t gathered already, Don’t Tell Aunty is a good time place. The food and beverage are elevated, but don’t let that make you think that you can’t laugh loudly here. Come, let us take care of you and let’s see where this table takes us. But please, don’t tell our aunties what we’ve done with the chai.

Don't Tell Aunty
Don't Tell Aunty